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Whitepath Consulting

Connecting the Disconnected 
RedPath Programs

The RedPath Programs have been identified as best practice in dealing with issues of violence and addiction.


We have been offering onsite and online facilitator program training across Canada since 2005.


RedPath Training Information

Read more about RedPath Training here.


All programs follow the RedPath model that blends clinical and cultural approaches offering techniques to cultivate a healthy mind, body and spirit. Those trained in any of the RedPath programs will receive a program manual and supplement materials, a template for report writing, certification, license agreement and ongoing program support. Access to assessment tools is also available.

About Us

Since its inception in 2002, Whitepath Consulting has provided integrated service delivery to support an individual’s progress to the optimum level of independence and integration.

Whitepath Consulting’s mission is to develop and share unique and innovative approaches that enhance the ability to heal, create, maintain and function within healthy relationships and communities. Through an integrated and coordinated approach Whitepath Consulting has developed unique services to help fill service gaps in communities. These services include a wide range of assessments and interventions to help develop practical, emotional and social skills in order for individuals to sustain and enjoy a successful life.

RedPath Programs
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RedPath Videos
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