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The RedPath Masterclasses

Shame, Guilt, Judgement and Forgiveness
Four Room Theory

Explore where shame and guilt come from and how they provide the foundation we internalize for judgement both internal and external. Find ways to get rid of shame, guilt, and judgement.  Discover what forgiveness is and how we do it.

Get a deeper understanding of the 4 rooms and how to ask the right questions to help people see the interconnections between what we have lived, what we have felt, what we think and what we do.

Asking the right questions

Become more comfortable in sharing and using stories to share knowledge and teachings. Learn how to ask the right questions to bring out what impact the story has and how they speak to us. Learn how to ask the right questions to spark discussion for deeper meaning.

Learn and practice how to ask the right questions to help both yourself and others tap into the wisdom you carry.

Trauma – What We Carry - Childhood Experiences

Learn about our own individual emotions and how we define them. Learn how to use emotion mapping to identify and define the events and emotions attached to them in order to manage and adapt our thinking and behaviour.

Discover the interconnection between trauma, what we carry and our childhood experiences. How to find them, make sense of them and what to do with them so they are no longer causing us hassles in our life.

Redpath Facilitator Refresher

Explore this different way of looking at the world and what it means in terms of our own understanding and healing. Discover a new way of showing up and being present in the world.

Get an overview of the 4 rooms and how to facilitate the process.

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