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Since its inception in 2002, Whitepath Consulting has provided integrated service delivery to support an individual’s progress to the optimum level of independence and integration.

Whitepath Consulting’s mission is to develop and share unique and innovative approaches that enhance the ability to heal, create, maintain and function within healthy relationships and communities. Through an integrated and coordinated approach Whitepath Consulting has developed unique services to help fill service gaps in communities. These services include a wide range of assessments and interventions to help develop practical, emotional and social skills in order for individuals to sustain and enjoy a successful life.

Whitepath Consulting has gained recognition across Canada as leaders in the area of program development and training. The results of this success are published through the Emotion and Health Research Laboratory (EHRL), under the direction of Dr. James D.A. Parker, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario.

Whitepath Consulting has developed a series of training and intervention programs for promoting emotional and social competencies in adults, adolescents and children. These programs, unique in Canada and the United States, adapted a number of key psychological constructs (e.g. emotional and social competencies and anger management) for use in different cultural contexts—particularly where the goal involves intervention to promote emotional competency.

Whitepath Consulting programs are based on theRedPath model, which is a new approach using emotional and social competency skills as an alternative to the cognitive behavioural approach. This new innovative model has been found to decrease substance misuse and violence. It has also been successful in educational retention, and job and academic readiness.

The model was initially developed in response to a need for Aboriginal specific programming to deal with the many issues that Aboriginal peoples face. The programs were piloted in a forensic Aboriginal population to determine their effectiveness. The results found an increase in all areas of emotional and social functioning.

The programs are now being used with those having drug and alcohol issues, homeless people with support needs, people with learning disabilities, people with mental health problems, women at risk of domestic violence and people with anger management problems, along with those having difficulties securing and maintaining employment, education and training. This emphasizes Whitepath Consulting’s commitment to “connecting the disconnected.”

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Our Team
Peggy Shaughnessy, CEO 

whitepath@bellnet.ca | Phone: 705-740-2003

Lenard Hall

len@redpath.io | Phone: 705-740-2003

CEO and Founder of Whitepath Consulting, developer of the 4Room Theory and the creator of the RedPath approach.

Liz Shaughnessy-Rowe

liz.whitepath@bellnet.ca | Phone: 705-740-2003